Decluttering & Organizing Services

Serving clients in Boston, Cambridge, and the Greater Boston Area

Our services include, but are not limited to:


Large and small space decluttering and organizing,  
    from drawers to basements, 
        at home and at work

Tax Season Preparation
Pulling together and organizing receipts and other important documents

Paper taming 
    Tailoring systems for ongoing management
 of paper of every kind    
    Establishing dedicated spaces for bills
so they won't be misplaced 
    Creating strategies for attending to bills
in a calm, timely manner      
    Sorting, filing, recycling, and shredding out-of-control paper piles

Kitchen decluttering and organizing
of fridges, pantries, cupboards, drawers, and dining areas of the home 
        for healthier eating, greater ease in cooking, and
            meal-friendly space for family and friends    

Home office organizing 
Setting up workspaces to maximize focus, efficiency, and productivity
   Creating filing systems tailored to individual needs
   Decluttering all aspects of the workspace (drawers, bookcases, files, etc.)

Packing and unpacking for 
    staging or selling a home
    moving individuals, families, and seniors    

Creating serene areas within the home or office for
    secular or sacred home altars
    the display of precious objects and mementos

Simplifying your surroundings so you can
fall in love with your home again
    comfortably gather with family and friends
    surround yourself with items that most serve you in your life 
    honor and display precious mementos

Ongoing maintenance of
    stubborn or chronic organizing challenges
    organizing needs brought on by illness, death, divorce, marriage, etc.

Assistance to seniors
downsizing for a move
    needing an extra pair of hands to help keep clutter under control

If you have an organizing/decluttering need not addressed above, or would like to speak with someone about your particular situation, please contact us and inquire.  We are happy to answer questions and all client information is kept strictly confidential.





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